14 Work-From-Home Jobs That Will Give You More Time With Your Children

If you feel stuck between spending more time with your children or working to making more money for your family, there is some good news for you: you do not actually need to leave the home in order to bring in more money. You can find an abundance of jobs in all sorts of areas that you can do right from your home, allowing you and your kids more time with each other. From tech, to art, to education, the ways to make money for your family without e leaving your home is limited only by your imagination. Take these suggestions as starting points to get your creative juice flowing and see what other ideas of work from home jobs, perhaps even more fitting for your own skills and interests, that can give you more time with your children. You do not even have to work for another person or company in order to work from home. There are plenty of home-based businesses you can launch and run successfully right from your own home as well.

1. Blogging

If you have expertise, or even just a passionate interest, in a particular topic, you can easily create a blog on that topic and make money through subscriptions and advertising. The key to making blogging work is to publish new posts consistently and frequently, even daily, if possible.

2. Child Care

Caring for other people’s children in your home has the added benefit of giving you more time with your own children as well as giving your children new peers to socialize and play with. Virginia does have licensing requirements for certain types of child care businesses, so be sure to look those up and comply with all regulations to make this business work for you.

3. Computer Programmer or Technical Support

If you can write code, many companies may be interested in your services. Even if they do not need you to program new software, there is still the need to review code and investigate, analyze and fix coding issues that are often experienced in the computer systems that most businesses now rely upon to function. Even if you do not how to program code, if you at least understand code and how computers function, you could still provide support services to computer users, personal and professional alike.

4. Crafting

If you have skills in making things, you can make them at home and sell them both from your home and online. There are many platforms online that allow you to create an affordable online store to establish your business.

5. Dog Walking and Doggie Day Care

Think about all your friends and neighbors who do leave their homes every day to go to work while their pets stay at home all alone. You can provide a valuable service giving these beloved pets the time and attention their owners are simply unable to give at those times by creating a pet care service. It may be best to begin with one pet and grow your clients based on positive word of mouth.

6. Event Planner

Most of an event-planner’s time is spent on the phone, which is something you can do from anywhere, including home. If you like to throw parties or have a knack for keeping things organized and on schedule, you may be well cut out to plan events for others.

7. Freelancing

If you can write, edit or take photographs, you can form a home-based business around this skill. If you have knowledge and experience in tax advising, web design or online or offline marketing, you can turn that into a business from home rather than seeking a job with an employer in that field outside of your home.

8. Interior Design Services

If you have an eye for interior design and have earned a degree in this field, you could market that service to other people and businesses. Most of the work you perform in this job, beyond an initial viewing of the space, you can do right from home. You will need to invest in the necessary software and equipment to be successful as an interior designer.

9. Internet Commerce

These days, you can build an online store and start selling products without ever having to store or handle a single piece of inventory, thanks to models like affiliate marketing and drop shipping. Become an independent distributor of any number of products made by major brand name manufacturers and niche newcomers. Alternatively, you can find objects to sell from wholesale warehouses, charity and thrift shops.

10. IT Consultant or Project Manager

IT consultants advise clients on their information technology strategies and recommend solutions to help them achieve their objectives. IT project managers help businesses to implement and execute new technology strategies to increase performance. Often consultants have gathered years of experience in their specialty before launching their business.

11. School Tutor

If you are particularly savvy in a certain subject, consider tutoring students in that subject. Even if you do not have any specialized knowledge, you could still tutor classes you took in high school or tutor grade school and middle school students in basic subjects.

12. Travel Agent

No longer do you have to travel to a separate agency, let alone even work for one, in order to be a travel agent. Tools for conducting thorough searches of available flights, accommodations and other travel products are now available to any entrepreneurial minded individual with an internet connection. Create your own travel business and help people plan the perfect vacation or specialize in business travel.

13. Virtual Assistant

There is an increasing opportunity, in this fast-paced, technology-driven age, to offer administrative services like answering calls, handling administrative duties and providing technical support. Virtual assistance must be detail-oriented, able to thrive in a high intensity environment and often be available to handle last-minute requests with ease.

14. Web Design

Have you ever built a personal website? Even if you have not, you can learn this skill in a relatively short amount of time. Web design is a task that combines practical, analytical thinking with creative thinking, making for well-rounded and consistently interesting, challenging and fulfilling career. Start marketing yourself by creating an appealing website of your own.