Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Whether you need a Virginia drivers license or you are interested in applying for a learners permit, you must learn how to complete the procedure through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The VA DMV has established requirements for learners permit documentation, as well as requirements for the various, other driver credentials available, such as Virginia car registration documents and stickers. Additionally, the VA DMV offers several application methods to resident drivers in order for them to complete the necessary transactions as conveniently as possible. To learn more about the documents state motorists need in order to drive legally, as well the processes for how to obtain them, review the sections below.

Drivers License Services

Obtaining a drivers license can be done at any DMV in VA. A new drivers license in Virginia is required for all young drivers who wish to operate motor vehicles legally in the state. However, to get a DMV drivers license, you must meet certain eligibility requirements and follow the necessary application procedures. It is important to note that the drivers license application process varies based on the age of the driver. So, be sure to review the requirements that apply to your age group before visiting a local DMV. Beyond the slight differences in driver license application procedures, all applicants will be required to take three DMV exams, which include the vision test, the written knowledge test and the road skills driving test.

CDL License Services

You can also obtain a CDL drivers license through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. A CDL license is a commercial driver’s license that allows you to legally drive a commercial vehicle in Virginia. However, obtaining a CDL in Virginia does not mean that you can also drive commercial vehicles in all other states. You must obtain a commercial drivers license if you wish to drive vehicles of certain weights, combination vehicles, passenger-designated vehicles and vehicles transporting hazardous materials. Make sure that you meet all of the requirements listed for a Virginia drivers license, if you wish If you wish to obtain a CDL. Learn more about Virginia CDL procedures by downloading our free, informative guide.

Motorcycle License Services

In Virginia, motorcycles are defined as motor vehicles, so they require motorcycle drivers license credentials in order for operation. Motorcycle driver’s licenses in Virginia are the same as regular licenses, but they have an added designation. Your license can become a Class M motorcycle license once you add the M, M2 or M3 designations to your license. In order to get your motorcycle license, you must be 18 years or older, and complete a number of tests and screenings.

When getting your motorcycle license, you need to have a motorcycle learner’s permit for a certain number of days. If you have taken the Virginia Rider Training Program, you may bypass some of the other exams that are normally required. There are different requirements to getting the Class M motorcycle license, depending on your age. You will need to be aware of all of these requirements and stipulations before trying to add the M designation to your license.

Car Registration & Title Services

Renewing or obtaining your car registration can also be done through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Obtaining a DMV car registration can be completed through DMV customer service centers, DMV Select offices or one of the DMV’s mobile offices.

You will need additional information to register a vehicle if you are a new resident of the state, or if you are leasing your car. In any case, your car must pass the Virginia vehicle safety inspection. Once your vehicle passes the annual inspection, display a sticker stating that the car has done so, or else the vehicle will not be eligible to be driven in Virginia. This could result in being towed or fined.

Traffic Tickets & Penalties

The DMV in Virginia will also handle any traffic violations issued to you. Once you are convicted, the DMV will then add the traffic citations to your driving record. You will also be assigned the corresponding amount of demerit points. Obtaining too many points could result in the loss of your license and possible traffic fines. In such cases, the DMV may also send out an order requiring you to complete a driver improvement clinic. The DMV will contact your insurance company in situations where this requirement is relevant. For information on traffic violations, download our comprehensive guide.

Online Services

For drivers who do not want to visit the VA DMV, consider browsing the online services available, for both licensing tasks and vehicle responsibilities. For instance, you can check your Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, online. In addition, you can look into your driving record or sign up for drivers education and traffic school from your home computer. Thanks to both the Virginia DMV and trusted third-party providers, it is no longer necessary to visit the physical DMV office for every request.