Reinstating a Suspended CDL in Virginia

A suspended CDL is a potential consequence in Virginia that revokes your driving privileges for a commercial vehicle in response to a severe traffic violation, the failure to pay fines, demerit points accumulation and more. A suspended CDL license must be taken seriously, as driving without a valid CDL will result in additional consequences, such as steep fines and potential jail time. It is crucial that you know the process to reinstate suspended CDL license credentials and when you can go about doing so. For more information on reinstating suspended CDL license credentials in Virginia, review the sections provided below.

What is a Virginia commercial drivers license suspension?

In Virginia, a suspended CDL is also known as a disqualification, and can be a temporary or complete termination of your legal ability to operate a motor vehicle. Generally, a suspended CDL license is the result of a major traffic violation or a large accumulation of demerit points on your driving record. While a disqualification will not affect your driving privileges for a non-commercial vehicle directly, if your conviction would also result in a drivers license suspension, both could be suspended. Understanding how to reinstate suspended CDL license credentials is crucial, as your license will not be reinstated if you simply do nothing. Driving without a valid commercial drivers license is a serious offense that should be avoided, as the penalties of such could include steep fees, further suspensions, and even jail time.

Violations Resulting in a Commercial Driving License Suspension in Virginia

A suspended CDL in Virginia could be the result of a number of violations and convictions. Each type of violation that results in a suspended CDL license will carry a different period of time that must pass before you can begin to reinstate suspended CDL license credentials.

The major violations outlined below will result in a one-year commercial drivers license suspension period (three years disqualification if you were convicted while transporting hazardous materials):

  • Driving a commercial vehicle with a blood alcohol content of 0.04 or higher
  • Driving a commercial vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to stop at an accident that involved your commercial motor vehicle, if the accident causes death or injury
  • Committing a felony while using a commercial motor vehicle
  • Making any false statement on a commercial drivers license application

Additionally, you will receive a lifetime commercial driving license suspension for the second offense of any of the above major violations. While the minimum suspended CDL license period for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one year, that disqualification period could range all the way to a disqualification for life.

You will receive a 60-day commercial drivers license suspension if convicted of two serious violations within a three-year period, and a 120-day minimum suspension if convicted of three or more violations within that same three-year period. Serious violations include the below:

  • Texting while operating a commercial vehicle
  • Speeding 15 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit
  • Following too closely
  • Improper or erratic lane changing
  • Driving without a CDL license, or without an issued CDL in your immediate possession
  • Driving a commercial vehicle without the proper CDL endorsements or classes of the vehicle being operated

Additionally, you will receive a 180-day suspended CDL for your first conviction of any out-of-service order violation and a three-year CDL license suspension for every service order violation beyond that.

Railroad crossing violations can also result in a commercial driving license suspension with a minimum of 60 days’ disqualification on the first offense, 120 days on the second within a three year period and a one-year disqualification for the third offense convicted within a three year period.

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Suspended CDL License Reinstatement Process in Virginia

If you have a suspended CDL in Virginia, it is important that you understand the steps you must take in order to have your CDL drivers license reinstated. The process for reinstating suspended CDL license credentials will differ slightly, depending on your conviction and any additional steps the court orders you to complete. In order to reinstate suspended CDL license, you must first remain without a license for your entire disqualification period. A suspended CDL license that has received a lifetime suspension cannot be reinstated. In addition to the commercial drivers license suspension period, you may be asked to complete some of the following requirements, including but not limited to:

  • Pay all of your court fines, costs and the suspended CDL license reinstatement fee
  • Obtain and maintain an SR22 or FR44 insurance policy
  • Attend an approved driver improvement clinic
  • Provide proof of enrollment into – and the completion of – an approved Virginia alcohol safety action program, otherwise known as VASAP
  • Comply with child support orders that have been issued by the Department of Social Services
  • Take any applicable knowledge tests or road skill tests the court deems necessary
  • Provide a court order allowing restricted driving privileges

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If you’re not sure about your suspended CDL license reinstatement requirements, you can find your own requirements by requesting your personal driver transcript and compliance summary from the Virginia DMV. Once your license reinstatement requirements have been met, you can apply to lift the suspension on your CDL drivers license at your local Virginia DMV.