Renew Commercial Driver License in Virginia

How much does it cost to renew commercial drivers license credentials in Virginia? Before answering this question, you should consider how often you will need to complete a CDL renewal, and where you can do so. Unlike when you renew a drivers license, renewing CDL credentials requires that you visit a Virginia DMV, and requires that you obtain different documentation.

It is important to understand the CDL renewal process, and fortunately, the state of Virginia has simple guidelines to follow. For more information on how to renew CDL license credentials, including the extra steps you must take, review the sections provided below.

When to Perform a CDL Drivers License Renewal in Virginia

Before you will need to perform a commercial drivers license renewal, note that a standard CDL drivers license that does not contain any endorsements is valid for a period of eight years. However, CDL licenses that have endorsements, particularly endorsement H, may require you to renew your CDL license sooner. The cost of your commercial drivers license renewal will differ, depending on the number of years your license will be valid. There are also additional fees per endorsement, per year. Learn more about the cost of commercial driver license renewal in our free, informative guide.

In addition to your CDL driver license renewal, it is vital that you remember to complete another CDL physical before your current physical is no longer valid. While you must provide a valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate when you renew commercial drivers license, you must have a valid certificate at all times. A Medical Examiner’s Certificate will generally expire every two years, except in cases where you are required to complete another physical sooner, due to a medical condition.

Where to Obtain a DMV CDL Renewal in Virginia

Unlike a normal VA drivers license, a commercial drivers license renewal can only be completed in person at your local Virginia DMV. As outlined above, while your CDL’s expiration date will vary, it will generally expire on your birthday of the expiration date year. If you perform a CDL license renewal prior to the expiration date that has been provided to you, then you will not need to provide proof of identity and citizenship again. You will, however, need to provide a valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate and the cost of commercial driver license renewal in order to complete the renewal process.

Should you fail to renew commercial drivers license prior to your Virginia CDL expiration date, you will be required to provide additional documentation before a new CDL license can be issued to you. United States citizens and legal permanent residents will need to provide one of the following documents:

  • A United States birth certificate
  • A valid, unexpired United States passport
  • An unexpired permanent resident card
  • A certificate of birth abroad
  • A certificate of citizenship
  • A certificate of naturalization

Non-United States residents will need to provide their unexpired employment authorization documents, or EADs, and their unexpired foreign passports that are accompanied by approved I-94 forms. Download our complimentary guide to learn more about DMV required documents.

Additionally, if there is an endorsement H – or a hazardous material endorsement – on your CDL drivers license up for renewal, you will need to complete an additional background check and fingerprinting as part of your renewal for a CDL. You may also be required to complete another vision exam during your visit to the Virginia DMV.

It is crucial that you renew commercials drivers license credentials prior to your expiration date, as driving with an expired CDL drivers license is illegal in the state of Virginia, and will lead to severe consequences – if caught. If you allow your commercial drivers license to remain expired for a year or more, you will be expected to retake all of your commercial drivers license testing and start again from a commercial drivers license permit.

You will receive your CDL renewal notice in the mail a few months prior to your expiration date, reminding you of your impending CDL expiration. This is one of the many reasons it is so important that you inform the Virginia DMV of any changes to your residential address. Contrary to common belief, the United States Postal Service will not forward mail from the state to your new address.

Once you have completed your DMV CDL renewal, your new CDL drivers license will be mailed to you, as the Virginia DMV no longer issues credentials during your visit. Ensure that the Virginia DMV has your correct mailing address on file. A temporary CDL drivers license will be issued during your visit.