Drivers Licenses Services in Virginia

All Virginia drivers license procedures are handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Services like drivers license renewal, as well as applying for a learners permit, can be done through the DMV. When applying for a new DMV drivers license, there are several rules and stipulations that you should understand. These rules change according to your age, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the drivers license application procedures that pertain to you.

Getting a duplicate drivers license in VA, as well as renewing drivers license documentation, are other crucial procedures you can complete through the DMV. Furthermore, if you need to change any of the information on your license, you must contact the DMV. A drivers license name change or a change of address are both events that must be noted by DMV officials. In any case, all of these procedures can be done in various different ways. The Department of Motor Vehicles allows motorists to complete multiple procedures online, in person and by mail. Drivers must simply know the required information and payment methods that apply to each method.

If you would like to apply for an ID card, you can go through the DMV in VA. The documents needed change based on whether you already have a Virginia driving license or were born before a certain date. Additionally, there are special designations that can be added to an ID card or a license. Veterans may want to apply for a veterans identification card instead of the normal ID card, as it could grant them certain privileges, for example. Furthermore, there are Virginia driver license services available to seniors within the state, including services for those who no longer wish to hold licensure. To learn all about drivers license eligibility requirements, application procedures and more, review the sections provided below.

How to Obtain a Learners Permit in Virginia

A Virginia learners permit is required of any new, young drivers, and is overseen and dispensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In order to obtain a DMV learners permit in VA, you must be a certain age, follow the application procedures and pass the required DMV tests. A permit for driving must be held for a certain period of time before drivers can obtain their full licenses to drive in Virginia. Read More

How to Apply for a New Drivers License in Virginia

A Virginia drivers license is a necessity for those who wish to operate motor vehicles legally in the state. Drivers license services are overseen by the Department of Motor Vehicles in Virginia. There are drivers license application requirements and procedures that must be followed by all interested applicants. Note that you can only get drivers license credentials in VA if you pass the mandatory DMV tests and pay the appropriate fees. Read More

Driving Exams in Virginia

Virginia drivers test requirements must be addressed when you apply for a new license. Drivers may have to pass a written drivers test, a road skills test, a vision screening, or all three. The requirements for driving tests may vary, depending on your age and the license you seek. However, you must fulfill all mandated driving exams in VA in order to be legally licensed to drive. Read More

How to Renew a Drivers License in Virginia

There are many ways to renew drivers licenses in Virginia. Drivers license renewal can be done in person at a DMV center, online or through the mail. However, the procedures for DMV license renewal in Virginia vary, and you must follow the steps to renew properly. You can renew your license up to one year before its expiration date. If you have an expired drivers license in VA, you will not be able to legally drive. Read More

How to Replace a Drivers License in Virginia

A lost drivers license is one of the primary reasons that motorists seek drivers license replacement credentials in Virginia. Additionally, a duplicate drivers license may be requested for damaged licenses or to update drivers license records after a name change or change of address. Whatever the reason for replacing drivers license, it is important to understand the replacement driver license methods available to you, and their requirements. You may even be eligible for a license renewal, instead of a replacement. Read More

How to Change the Name on a Virginia Drivers License

It is important that you perform a drivers license name change in Virginia after your name has been legally changed in order to update your records with the Virginia DMV and maintain a valid form of identification. Before you can change name on driving license credentials, you must first update the Social Security Administration with this modification. The Virginia DMV makes changing your name on driving license credentials a simple process, and provides easy-to-follow guidelines regarding a name change. Read More

How to Change the Address on a Virginia Drivers License

A drivers license change of address is legally required in Virginia after a move, and failing to perform a DMV address change can lead to steep consequences. Fortunately, changing drivers license address information involves a simple process, and can be done in numerous ways, for your convenience. Therefore, it is important to understand the process of performing a drivers license change of address, and how soon you are required to do so in Virginia. Read More

How to Obtain an Identification Card in Virginia

Having a Virginia ID card provides those who cannot obtain a drivers license with a form of identification. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand the DMV ID card application process, the eligibility requirements and the documentation that you must provide in order to obtain a new card. Similar to a drivers license, you will need to maintain your new ID card once you receive it, including renewals and knowing how to replace ID card credentials in lost, stolen or damaged instances. Read More

Senior Drivers in Virginia

As a senior in Virginia, you may be wondering how to become a safer driver, and that is a valid question. Virginia laws have changed over time, and there are driving safety course options and safe driving tips available that can aid you in becoming a safer driver. You also may not be aware of the car insurance discounts for seniors that may be available to you. Finally, if you make the choice to do so, it is important to understand the senior’s voluntary surrender of driving license process and how to cancel car insurance. Read More

Veteran Drivers in Virginia

Obtaining a veteran designation on license or veterans ID card in Virginia is not required, though it is often requested. A DMV veterans designation is only available to active and retired military personnel, and can provide a variety of benefits. Additionally, if you meet requirements for veterans license plates, you will be able to display your services with a personalized license plate, available for many different branches of the military and military awards. Read More

Visitors Driving in Virginia

There are several rules for visiting drivers in Virginia that you should be aware of in order to avoid potential penalties. While there are some visiting driver requirements that both out-of-state and foreign visitors share, there are additional foreign visitors driving requirements, such as the requirement to carry an international driving permit. The rules for visitor drivers have been put in place in order to order to maintain safety and order on Virginia roads and highways, so it is important that you aware of the rules. Read More