How to Obtain a Learners Permit in Virginia

A Virginia learners permit is required of any new, young drivers, and is overseen and dispensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In order to obtain a DMV learners permit in VA, you must be a certain age, follow the application procedures and pass the required DMV tests. A permit for driving must be held for a certain period of time before drivers can obtain their full licenses to drive in Virginia. To learn more about getting a learners permit in Virginia, continue on to the sections below.

Requirements for Learners Permit Credentials in Virginia

There are many things to keep in mind when applying for a learners permit in the state of Virginia. To receive a DMV learner permit, you must be no younger than 15 years and 6 months old. To obtain a DMV drivers permit, submit documents that prove both your identity and residency.

To prove your Social Security Number, according to learners permit rules, you can bring in your Social Security card, a U.S. Internal Revenue Service W-2 or a payroll check stub. To prove that you reside in Virginia, bring in a deed, a lease agreement or a mortgage statement. If you do not have one of these documents available, you can provide a U.S. Postal Service change of address document or a utility bill that is not more than two months old.

The documents needed when applying for a learners permit change, depending on your age. If you are 19 or above, bring in one proof of identity, two proofs of your Virginia residency and one proof of legal presence. Legal presence proves that you are a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident of the United States or that you are authorized to be in the United States. If you are under 19, bring in one document that proves your identity, two proofs that you reside in Virginia and proof of your Social Security Number.

Note that all documents submitted to apply for a learners permit must be the originals. Photocopies and temporary documents will not be accepted. Any item that you bring in is subject to be verified. If the DMV suspects that your proof of identity, legal presence or any other document has been tampered with, the documents will not be accepted, and you will not receive the learners drivers license for which you applied. Note that the documents that are accepted to fulfill these learning permit requirements may change at any time – without prior notice. Learn more about the required documents to obtain a learners permit in Virginia by downloading our free guide.

Learners Permit Procedures in Virginia

If you wish to obtain a DMV learners permit, you will need to complete the Application for a Virginia Driver’s License. This fulfills one of the requirements for learners permit applicants, and can be done before you come into the DMV office, or after. When completing this form, use your full, legal name. Writing your nickname on the form could result in you not receiving your permit to drive. If you are under 18, you must have a parent, custodial or legal guardian to sign your application. If you are an emancipated minor, present your court order to the DMV, and you will not need to present legal parental consent.

Learners Permit Terms in Virginia

There are fees associated with getting a learners permit in Virginia. These fees depend on how long your permit for driving will be valid. According to the learning permit rules, if this is your first permit, it will be valid for three to eight years. This depends on how old you are when the license is issued. In any case, your license will expire on your birthday. If you are under 18, then your learners permit will no longer be valid after your 20th birthday.

If you have to register with the Virginia State Police Sex Offender and Crimes Against Children Registry, then your permit for driving in VA will only be valid for five years. In many cases, if you are only authorized to be in the U.S. for a short amount of time, your permit will only be valid for that stated amount of time. Your VA learning permit will expire on the same date that the document that you were granted to show legal presence expires. If that document does not have an expiration date printed on it, then the learners drivers license will be valid for one year. Note that you are not eligible for a learners permit if you are only authorized to stay in the country for less than 30 days after your application. Download our comprehensive guide to read more about the Virginia learner’s permit terms.

DMV Learners Permit Testing in Virginia

Those wondering where to get learners permit credentials in VA will need to start by passing the required tests at the DMV. In order to receive your learners permit, you must complete a vision screening exam and a knowledge exam.

To test your vision before you receive your permit for driving, you will need to look into an eye testing machine and read out letters and numbers. This learner permit test will determine if your eyesight meets the standards set by the DMV to safely operate a vehicle. If you fail this learners permit vision test, you may get glasses or contact lenses and retake the test. If you need corrective lenses to pass the test, you will be required to wear them when you drive, as well. This will be indicated on your learners permit that is issued by the DMV in Virginia.

The VA learner permit knowledge exam is given on a computer in a DMV center or in a classroom at a nearby high school. Before taking the exam, study the information in the Virginia Driver’s Manual. There are practice tests that can be taken for learners permit online to further help you prepare for the exam. In order to get your permit for driving, you must answer all 10 questions in Part One correctly. You must score 80 percent or higher on the following section of learners permit questions, as well. If you fail the exam and are under 18 years old, you will need to wait 15 days before retaking the exam. If you are over 18, you will need to pay a fee to retake the exam within the 15-day time period.

Once you pass both of the exams, you will receive your learners permit in the mail. Be sure that the address the DMV has on file for you is correct, as USPS will not forward DMV learners permits unless a proper change of address has been filed.

Learn more about how to get a learners permit in VA by downloading our complimentary guide.