Virginia Drivers Education

Virginia drivers ed courses are mandatory for first-time drivers under 18 to acquire their learners permits. Drivers education is also available for adult drivers that wish to obtain a drivers license for the first time, and those who want to refresh their knowledge of traffic laws. VA driving courses are primarily meant to educate young drivers on road regulations and vehicle operation before they start driving. However, drivers education courses serve many purposes. Find out more about new driver responsibilities in our comprehensive guide. To learn more about why and how you would take a drivers ed course, continue reading below.

Enroll in Virginia Drivers Ed Online

Enrolling in Virginia driving lessons online is the fastest way to receive a learners permit and earn a drivers ed certificate. You must complete state-approved driving classes that inform you on substance abuse, alcohol safety and the importance of focused driving. Learning all of these things before getting behind the wheel will allow you to be more prepared for behind-the-wheel education. Taking an online driving course is the quickest and most effective way to complete the courses needed to obtain your learners permit, because you can do it from the comfort of your own home. You can set your own schedule and take the course whenever you feel prepared. Learn more about new driver preparation in our informative guide.

Take Virginia Drivers Ed in Person

You can enroll in a drivers education course at your local DMV or at a DMV-approved course site to take a driver safety course in person. However, note that the dates and times available for these driving courses may be limited due to small class sizes and lack of instructor availability. It may be difficult for you to find a course in your area, and even more inconvenient, still, to go out of your way if there are no course centers available near you. To avoid these inconveniences, you can take an approved driving safety course online.

What is Virginia drivers ed?

Virginia drivers ed courses are meant to educate first-time drivers before they are allowed to receive behind-the-wheel education. First time driving school teaches young drivers the consequences of DUIs, distracted driving, aggressive driving, motorcycle awareness, pedestrian safety and what it means to be an organ and tissue donor. Having this preliminary knowledge before driving can help young motorists develop good driving habits and prepare them for the experience of being behind the wheel for the first time. Drivers under 18 are all required to take driving lessons of some kind before getting their permits and licenses. First time drivers over 18 can take an online driving course to waive the written tests on their driving exam. On occasion, the driving portion may also be waived if the driver presents a valid certificate of completion for an approved online driving course. If you are looking to accomplish either of these goals through a drivers ed course, be sure to enroll in an approved program today.

Advantages for Teenage Drivers in Virginia

Teen driving school is available online for teenagers looking to obtain a learners permit. Taking a drivers ed course before getting behind the wheel of a car is the best way to prepare a teen for what he or she will encounter on the road. Virginia driving courses provide concise information on what road signs mean, how to treat four-way-stops and all of the relevant traffic laws first-time drivers need to know. In addition, taking VA driving lessons can lower your insurance premium when you add a teen driver to your policy. Browse through our in-depth guide to learn more about Virginia auto insurance. Taking a teen driving course will also help prepare teenagers for their eventual drivers license tests, because many of the things they learn in drivers ed will be on the written exam.

Additional Types of Virginia Drivers Ed Courses

Drivers education courses are available to more than just teenagers and new drivers. Drivers ed courses are necessary for those who have recently moved to Virginia from another state and need to replace their licenses. Out-of-state drivers can take driving lessons to accelerate the learning process and the acquisition of their new licenses. Traffic laws vary from state to state, which is why it is often required to take driving courses before you are allowed a drivers license change in a new state.

Taking driving classes may also help you obtain discounts from your auto insurance company. Many insurance companies offer lowered premiums to those that take driving lessons as part of safe-driver programs or other incentive programs they have available. Some companies do this for individuals over 50, and others do it for drivers of varying ages. Safe-driver benefits for taking drivers education courses are different for every insurance company, so be sure to check with your insurance agency before enrolling in a course.

First-time drivers over 18 can take approved drivers ed courses and not have to show proof of behind-the-wheel education, because the driving course already includes it. All they need to do is show a certificate that proves they passed the driving course, and they can acquire their drivers licenses quickly and efficiently.