How to Change the Address on a Virginia Car Registration

Drivers must apply for Virginia address change on car registration documents within 30 days by following the steps enforced by the DMV. When changing car registration address details, drivers must provide a principal residence address, which is a street address, not a business address or a post office box. Virginia does allow drivers to provide an alternate Virginia address to display on driver documents if the principal address is not preferred. There are a few different ways to change car registration address in VA including by mail, in person and online. Learn more about how to change the address on your car registration in Virginia in the sections outlined below.

How to Change Address on Registration in Virginia

Before you can get an address change on car registration, you must first apply for a DMV records address change. The easiest and fastest way to do this is online, where you can also change car registration address information directly to follow. It takes just a few minutes, on average, to submit an address change using the online DMV system. The DMV change of address registration card replacement takes just a few more minutes; the entire process takes less than 10 minutes. To initiate an address change on car registration, log on to DMV Now using your Social Security Number or your Virginia drivers license number and your birthdate. Follow the prompts to complete the change through the online system. When complete, print your confirmation to carry with you until you have a chance to get all your DMV records updated. You can then immediately navigate to the car registration replacement section of the online system and print a new registration card. Your new address will automatically update on your registration, and your change of address on car registration is then complete. Learn more about online DMV address changing in our complimentary guide.

How to Change Car Registration Address in Virginia by Mail or in Person

The change of address car registration application is the Address Change Request Form. You must complete this vehicle registration address changing form and submit it to the DMV to initiate a car registration address change request. You may mail the form to the address listed on the paperwork, or hand-deliver it in person to a local DMV customer service center. In addition, any DMV Select partner location can handle a DMV car registration address change, as well as mobile DMV offices, DMV 2 Go and DMV Connect. The mobile DMVs are available to the public at their temporary destination locations, according to their prearranged calendars. The mobile offices are for your convenience, and provide services based on a first-come, first-served basis.

If applying in person, you can request a Virginia address change on car registration while at the DMV office, once you have a confirmed DMV address change. If submitting your request by mail, once the DMV receives and processes your request for a DMV registration change of address, you can visit the online DMV portal to request a new registration card with updated address to come to you by mail. Note that there is a small fee for this service. If you have a DMV Now account, you can print your own replacement card for free. When mailing a VA change of address car registration application, it may take up to four weeks to receive your updated registration card, and it may even fall outside the parameter of 30 days. When you request a new registration card by mail, you will have the opportunity to print a receipt that validates your address change for 15 days (the time it takes for the new card to return to you by mail).

Does changing car registration address affect my other DMV records?

When you apply for an address change on car registration in Virginia, it is free to print the new registration card. Other driver documents that include your address are not necessarily free. You will have to pay for a new drivers license copy if you want your updated address to appear on your driver’s license. If you are wary of your license not matching your principal address on record or your DMV car registration address change, save the receipt or print the confirmation record where you changed your address until you get a new license. Keep the receipt/confirmation record with you, along with your drivers license, so that it will suffice as evidence that your records are all current and up-to-date.

If a law enforcement officer finds a problem in the consistency of your virtual and physical records, you can show the documents and registration card as proof your record modifications. Make sure to order a replacement drivers license soon, though, or learn how to renew your license if eligible, so that your registration and identification correspond, and do not raise doubts of your integrity. Other areas affected by changing car registration address information include voter registration and selective service registration. Make sure to update address changes there as well. Learn more about the different Virginia address change services in our comprehensive guide.