How to Change the Name on a Virginia Car Title

The DMV offers a car title name change in Virginia to a car owner who has recently changed his or her name as a result of a legally recognized event. Preowned automobile buyers may also need to update name on car title documents when changing the name from the previous owner to the new owner. The DMV also requires a title amendment when a charitable organization sells or donates a vehicle, or when a vehicle owner sells or donates a vehicle to a charitable organization. In any of the aforementioned situations, the DMV will issue a substitute title to fulfil VA car title name change modifications. Learning how to receive a title with a name change, as well as how to retitle a vehicle, are both important processes to review. Continue on to the sections below for more information on Virginia car title name changes.

How to Change Name on Car Title Documents in Virginia

You cannot update name on car title documents in Virginia without first changing your name on your drivers license or identification card. You may proceed in updating name on car title documents after you successfully change your name with the DMV. The DMV will then issue a substitute title if a car owner gets married or divorced or experiences a name change for another legally binding reason (e.g. adoption or an issued court order). To initiate a car title name change, fill out the Application for Replacement and Substitute Titles (Form VSA 67). Note that when completing this form for a name change, you may skip section four. Make sure that the owner of the vehicle signs the application.

To change name on car title in Virginia, you must show legal documents proving your legal name change. Acceptable documents for a car title name change include an opposite-sex marriage certificate, a same-sex marriage certificate, a divorce decree or another court order or corporation license. Unfortunately, civil union documents are not accepted as valid evidence of a legal name change. Furthermore, civil union papers are not acceptable secondary proof of identification documents for a vehicle title name change, either. Submit the application, the documents proving the legal name change and the associated fees to the DMV. You can hand-deliver this paperwork to a DMV customer service location or mail it to the address listed on the form. The DMV does not issue substitute titles for a car title name change online; the purchaser of the vehicle must either mail or submit the application in person.

Once the DMV has processed your application for changing name on car title in Virginia, you will be issued a substitute title. Read more about car title name changes with the DMV by downloading our free, informative guide.

How to Update Name on Car Title in Virginia After Purchase

If you are the buyer of a pre-owned automobile, you will want to start the process for changing name on car title in Virginia as soon as possible, along with your car title transfer obligations. A VA car title name change will ensure rightful ownership of the vehicle, validating that a new owner has taken possession of the vehicle. Note that when retitling a car for the purpose of updating name on car title after purchasing a vehicle, that vehicle may be subject to Virginia tax on motor vehicle sales and use. If you bought the vehicle from a dealership, the dealer can process and file for car title name change and title work with the DMV. If the seller is an individual or the dealer does not handle the title work, you must fill out Section A on the title. The signature of the previous owner is imperative. If the vehicle is given to you as a gift or donated to you, again, fill out Section A, have the owner sign the title and write “gift” in the space for sale price.

In the event you are seeking a Virginia car title name change from a charitable organization, as in the charitable organization sold or gave the vehicle to you, make sure to include a statement from the organization, written on the official letterhead of the charity, in which registration with the IRS as a nonprofit entity is certified, and that the vehicle wasn’t previously registered or allowed to be driven on highways. To finish updating name on car title in VA, you must then go to the DMV in person to complete title work. Bring all required documents with you. Once the DMV has issued you a substitute title for your vehicle, you may then register it with the DMV and purchase license plates for it. Download our complimentary guide to read more about registering and titling vehicles in Virginia.

How to Change Name on Car Title in Virginia to a Charitable Organization

When a vehicle owner sells or donates a vehicle to a nonprofit organization, a Virginia car title name change must take place to title the vehicle in the name of the charitable organization. To update name on car title in VA to a nonprofit entity, titling fees will apply; however, vehicles sold or donated to these types of organizations may not have to pay motor vehicle sales and use taxes. If the organization registered with the IRS, and the IRS recognizes the entity as a nonprofit organization, deeming it exempt specifically from the Code of Virginia 58.1-2403, the nonprofit will not incur taxes. If the charitable organization receives more than five vehicle sales or donations in one year, the nonprofit organization must register appropriately with the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board. Learn more about transferring vehicles into the names of new owners or entities in our comprehensive guide.