How to Replace a Car Title in Virginia

The DMV issues a Virginia car title replacement when a vehicle title is lost, illegible or mutilated. The Virginia DMV makes obtaining a car title replacement simple, and even gives a discount to drivers who order their replacement car titles online. The process to replace a lost car title in VA allows car owners to visit their nearest DMV customer service centers. Motorists in need of a replacement title for a vehicle will find information below regarding the process to replace a car title and the steps they need to take to recover an absent or damaged car title.

How to Replace a Lost Virginia Car Title in Virginia

There are several ways to replace a lost car title in Virginia. To get a copy of a lost Virginia car title online, you must log on to the DMV online system using your Virginia drivers license number and your date of birth, and follow the prompts to complete the online process. To file for a duplicate car title in person, visit a DMV customer service center. You will need to complete either the Application for Replacement and Substitute Titles (Form VSA 67) or the Application for Transfer and Supplemental Liens (Form VSA 66). If replacing car title documents using Form VSA 66, complete the first four sections, only. You will also need to have your drivers license or Virginia ID card and a current vehicle registration card. Finally, you will need to submit the payment for the fee for a VA car title copy to the DMV upon submission of application for title.

You can also replace lost car title documents through the DMV Connect and DMV 2 Go mobile DMV operations. These travelling DMV customer service centers follow a predetermined route schedule and announce their location stops in advance. If this option is more convenient, you can coordinate your schedule to replace a vehicle title with the next stop located nearest to your home or work. Note that mobile DMVs operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and appointments are not taken. Car title replacement is also available at one of the 45 DMV Select partner locations located around the state.

If you prefer to replace car title documents by mail, submit all required documents, along with the Application for Transfer and Supplemental Liens (Form VSA 66) by mail to the Virginia DMV address listed on the form. Learn more about car title replacement methods in our free, downloadable guide.

You will receive a Virginia duplicate car title once the DMV receives notice that the title is clear of any liens. Note that the DMV does require proof that you have satisfied any previous liens on your title. The DMV sends the car title copy to the lienholder on record if there are, in fact, unsatisfied liens that appear on the title.

What happens to a lost car title in Virginia?

When the Virginia DMV issues a new title to replace lost car title papers on a vehicle, all previous titles become invalid. If the original lost Virginia car title turns up, it is no longer valid. Return it to the DMV promptly. Additionally, the DMV recommends illegible or destructed titles be turned over to the DMV upon applying to replace car title documentation. If you are replacing your title because you believe it is a stolen vehicle title, it is at your discretion to report to law enforcement. Filing a police report on a missing car title is a good idea if you think foul play is involved. Download our complimentary guide to read more about how to handle a lost car title in VA.

If you are, in fact, the victim of a stolen car title, your VIN number is better protected from fraudulent use under the National Motor Vehicle Titling Information System (NMVTIS) safe titling process. Virginia participates in the NMVTS, a national database that allows states to verify titles before a replacement vehicle title is issued. This system provides heightened security for titling nationally and saves time and money for state DMVs across the country. The service is accessible by consumers, as well, so that they may also check titles before purchasing a vehicle. With information streaming between states, insurance companies and law enforcement, the result is a higher recovery rate for stolen car titles and vehicles, and a decrease in the fraudulent use of VINs. A NMVTIS report reveals the vehicle identification number (VIN), odometer data, history of theft, if any, as well as other pieces of information regarding vehicles and titles. Thus, if anyone attempts to apply for a fraudulent car title copy in Virginia, the NMVTIS will alert local law enforcement and DMV officials, preventing further fraud. For these reasons, a police report regarding a stolen vehicle title in VA can add to the ability of this system to safeguard your own personal information and title data.

Electronic Titling Prevents a Lost Car Title in Virginia

In lieu of receiving a physical car title copy, the DMV will retain an electronic copy of your title to prevent it from being lost, stolen or damaged. You can request a paper car title replacement copy at any time by proving ownership of the vehicle. Learn more about vehicle title replacements with the DMV in our comprehensive guide.