Traffic Tickets & Penalties in Virginia

All driving records and traffic fines in Virginia are managed by the DMV. Using a point system, the DMV aims to maintain the safety of both drivers and pedestrians by allowing only qualified drivers to operate motor vehicles. New drivers, especially, should review everything there is to know about the Virginia DMV penalty points system, including dealing with traffic tickets, getting your license reinstated and insurance verification.

It is important to understand the Virginia point system and how to read your record points, based on your driving history. All of your traffic violations and certifications will appear in your VA DMV record. In Virginia, you have the ability to learn how to pay a speeding ticket online and information about disputing traffic violations in court. In addition, there are different traffic citations that carry different point designations, which impact your driving record in various ways.

If you are convicted of a DUI, it is important to review DUI information in Virginia. DUI offenses are seen as serious traffic violations in Virginia, and negatively affect both your driving record and insurance premium. Understanding VA DUI laws and consequences, along with what you can do if you are charged, is vital if you want to drive legally on state roads and highways again.

Drivers license suspension and revocation are additional topics that are important to review, in case you lose your driving privileges in Virginia. You may face a Virginia suspended drivers license because you accumulated too many demerit points too quickly, received criminal charges or let your auto insurance lapse. Learn how to avoid getting a drivers license suspension and what to do if you have already lost your driving rights. Those with revoked drivers license credentials can also learn about how to follow rehabilitation instructions and the steps to reapply for driving privileges.

Whether your license has been suspended or revoked, know that there are ways in which you can reinstate drivers license credentials in VA. Depending on your specific traffic penalties, you may have to pay fines, attend a driver improvement program or file proof of insurance before you can begin drivers license reinstatement proceedings.

Browse the sections below for more details about the Virginia driver penalties and the points system.

Paying vs. Disputing Tickets in Virginia

Are you wondering how to pay a speeding ticket or other traffic tickets in Virginia? If so, there are multiple ways for you to resolve the issue. Your first step is to decide whether you will pay the traffic fine (technically pleading guilty to the charge) or dispute the traffic ticket and go to court. There are different processes, DMV fees and outcomes associated with each option. Read More

DUI Convictions in Virginia

DUI charges in Virginia can result in different fines, and even incarceration, depending on your driving history. Researching DUI information can help you understand the seriousness of your situation and how to protect yourself. A DUI in Virginia may impact your driving record and your driving privileges for years to come. Read More

How to Reinstate a Suspended Drivers License in Virginia

Facing drivers license suspension in Virginia requires serious attention to avoid permanent consequences. You can receive a suspended drivers license in Virginia for several reasons, including Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Depending on your specific circumstances, there are multiple ways you can reinstate drivers license credentials. You should avoid driving with a suspended license at all costs, as it could lead to further penalties, and even incarceration. Read More

SR-22 Insurance in Virginia

Filing paperwork for a Virginia SR-22 certificate may seem daunting, but is no more difficult than finding the right SR22 insurance provider and submitting the necessary information. Vehicle operators and owners must complete different certificate requests, both of which need to be completed by your qualified auto insurance provider. Read More

Virginia Driver’s License Point System

Most drivers will receive VA demerit points on their driving records at some time in their lives. The point system in Virginia allows for both safe points and penalty points, making it a little easier for you to maintain a good driver’s status and avoid higher insurance premiums. Understanding how the driver point system works in Virginia is paramount to keeping your driving privileges. Read More