SR-22 Insurance in Virginia

Filing paperwork for a Virginia SR-22 certificate may seem daunting, but is no more difficult than finding the right SR22 insurance provider and submitting the necessary information. Vehicle operators and owners must complete different certificate requests, both of which need to be completed by your qualified auto insurance provider. Read on to learn more about how to file for an SR-22 form in Virginia, who needs one and how to get SR22 fast.

What is an SR22 in Virginia?

An SR-22 in Virginia is a certificate of financial responsibility – not stand-alone insurance. Although it is often referred to as SR22 insurance, it is technically the certificate issued by your insurance provider verifying the specific type of insurance policy you hold. You must have an active auto insurance policy to be able to request an SR-22. The state of Virginia uses the SR-22 form to monitor the financial security of problematic drivers, in effect, offering proof of the insurance company’s liability for the driver’s actions. Several options for cheap SR22 insurance are offered by providers throughout Virginia.

Which SR-22 form do you need in Virginia?

There are three different types of SR-22 forms in Virginia. Motor vehicle operators need an SR-22 certificate that shows financial responsibility in the case the motorists do not own the vehicle. Owners of vehicles require another certificate demonstrating financial responsibility for vehicles they legally own. And, the most comprehensive SR-22 provides proof of coverage for all vehicles, either operated or owned, by the motorist. Make sure to follow the instructions for the specific type of SR-22 form you are required to complete. Learn more about the types of SR22 in Virginia in our free, downloadable guide.

What are the minimum requirements for SR22 insurance in Virginia?

In Virginia, SR22 filing has liability insurance coverage minimums. Even the cheapest SR22 insurance in Virginia must include coverage for the bodily injury or death of one or more persons and property damage. This coverage meets the legal minimum liability requirements, but it is recommended that you purchase VA SR-22 insurance with higher limits. One accident with serious damage to more than one vehicle could easily exhaust your limits and require you to pay out-of-pocket for any remaining damages.

Regardless of why you are filing an SR-22 form, the state requires you to maintain the certification for at last three years. Your insurance provider is required, by law, to report a lapse in coverage at any point during this period, so staying current on any insurance payments is paramount to proper SR-22 maintenance. If you are facing a period of financial difficulty, contact your insurance agency about options for maintaining your coverage. Download our comprehensive guide to read more about VA auto insurance coverage requirements.

Who needs SR22 insurance in Virginia?

You may be required to file an SR22 form in Virginia for any of several reasons that the court deems necessary to verify your financial security to operate a motor vehicle. These causes include, but are not limited to the following:

How to Get Your SR22 in Virginia

The DMV has set up an online system for submitting your VA SR-22 financial responsibility certificate that allows for quick and reliable submission of your information. Insurance providers can use this online platform to easily gather customer information and complete their client profiles with all SR22 filing data. You cannot submit an SR-22 form yourself. See how to get SR22 certification through the steps outlined below.

  1. Find and contact a qualified SR22 insurance provider to request an SR22 filing.
  2. If you are buying or upgrading to a new policy, make sure you adhere to VA state legal insurance minimums.
  3. Pay the necessary insurance premium to the agency, which will vary based on your policy and agency. Cheap SR22 insurance is offered by several private vendors. Beware the cheapest SR22 insurance, as it may cover only cover the bare minimums and leave you in trouble if bad luck strikes.
  4. Once your SR22 insurance provider submits your request, your information will be sent to the Virginia DMV, where your driving record should be updated, immediately.
  5. Maintain your SR-22 certification for at least 36 months. If you do not make a scheduled renewal payment at least 15 days before its expiration, the state will be notified of your lapse in insurance coverage.

If you are an out-of-state resident, proof of financial responsibility for a VA SR-22 must include a statement by your insurance provider verifying that your policy adheres to Virginia state liability minimums. Your insurance provider must be licensed to do business and issue an SR-22 form in Virginia.

How to Find Cheap SR22 Insurance in Virginia

With a little internet research and a few phone calls, finding cheap SR22 insurance in Virginia is easy. Several different insurance companies, both local and national, are licensed to work in Virginia and execute an SR22 filing. Some of the cheapest SR22 insurance can be found by calling or emailing a few companies to get specific quotes for your situation. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will increase your premium for requesting an SR22 filing. Learn more about the steps to obtain SR22 in our complimentary guide.