Adult Services in Virginia

Adult services in Virginia are programs generally administered through the Virginia Department of Social Services. Virginia adults service program assists residents in need due to some impairment they may be suffering from or to augment their ability to take care of themselves and make their quality of life better. The Department of Social Services provides many of the adult services through a network of local departments for social services throughout the state to help those in need remain autonomous and living in their homes as much of the time as is possible. The Department of Social Services aims to provide Virginia adult services benefits in the hopes that they may support an individual’s family support structures so that he or she may avoid having to be placed in an institution for care full-time.


Virginia Adult Services Programs

Of the many adult services programs, Adult Protective Services is among the most important. Adult Protective Services in Virginia is a program responsible for taking reports of poor treatment of Virginia residents 60 years of age and older. The types of treatment that adult protective services programs respond most often to include abuse, neglect and exploitation. These services also extend to adults 18 years of age and older who find themselves incapacitated. Once need of adult protective services is established and protective services are welcomed by the individual in need, representatives and social workers can arrange an array of adult services benefits that can include health care, housing and legal services to assist vulnerable residents in need. Virginia adult services application goals target the cessation and prevention of abuse, neglect and other forms of mistreatment. Download our detailed guide to find out more about the assistance programs available to Virginia residents.

Other adult services in Virginia include nutrition programs to oversee the diets of those unable to care for all their own needs, adult day care, adult foster care, home-based care services such as offerings for companionship, transportation, completing routine chores and basic homemaker services. The Virginia adult services program also offers case management and assessment services as well as screenings to determine if and when some individuals require assisted living facilities and if so, helping those who need facilities funded by Medicaid.

Virginia Adult Services Eligibility

Meeting Virginia adult services requirements for eligibility is the first step towards receiving benefits and services. There are several adult services eligibility categories and of who may qualify for benefits, such as elderly or impaired adults and adults whose income level is less than a certain threshold and require certain home services. Virginia adult service program benefits may extend to financially distressed Virginia residents who are in need of prescreening for residence in a nursing home or community-based services that receive funding from Medicaid. Adult services in Virginia may also be provided to those who require an assessment to receive a spot in an assisted living home and demonstrate financial need. Adults suffering some impairment but are free from the custody of a local department of social services and require services may also meet the requirements for Virginia adult services eligibility. Lastly, any adults who are trying to avoid being placed in an institution and who may avoid that situation if they can receive services to help them are considered for adult services benefits.

For comprehensive information about being eligible for adult assistance in Virginia, download our free guide.

How to Apply for Adult Services in Virginia

Virginia adult services registration for the purposes of receiving assistance benefits requires individuals to complete and submit an application along with any and all required supporting documentation. All submissions for adult services in Virginia are ultimately received and administered by the Virginia Department of Social Services. The Adult Services Program falls under the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services via the Adult Protective Services Division. A Virginia adult services application is available at the offices of any local Virginia Department of Social Services location, which is where residents can also find comprehensive information about available assistance. Any applicant may visit their local office location and fill out the required application forms and submit them along with their supporting documentation required to provide necessary evidence of their situation.

Those individuals who may be unable to make the trip or are unable to complete the Virginia adult services application forms or process unaided may enlist the assistance of another party to aid them in the completion of these tasks. The individual applying for adult services in Virginia will see their application adjudicated based on their actual need as determined by the Department of Social Services. Approving the Virginia adult services benefits also takes into consideration the availability of the services for which they are applying and the confirmation of their financial situation. The Department of Social Services must determine whether they indeed meet the Virginia adult service requirements for financial need to receive the assistance for which they are applying.

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