Veteran’s Disability Compensation in Virginia

‘What is VA disability compensation in Virginia?’ is a question some veterans who live in the state may ask themselves. VA disability compensation is monetary benefits paid to America’s former service members who suffer from any number of maladies that occurred while they were on active duty or were exacerbated during their service. VA disability compensation eligibility may also extend to any types of disabilities considered related to those suffered during a veteran’s service. Those asking, ‘How does the VA disability compensation work?’ will find the information below useful and informative. Information about who is eligible for VA benefits, how to go about applying for benefits and what exactly the benefits cover are all subjects important to United States armed services veterans.

VA Disability Compensation in Virginia

VA disability compensation benefits in Virginia, administered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, are a vital resource for veterans in the state who suffer from injury and sickness incurred during their service time. Compensation for VA benefits programs is paid to veterans who demonstrate that they are disabled at a minimum percentage as a result of injuries or diseases that they suffered as a result of serving in the armed forces including active duty, training or inactive-duty training. VA disability compensation covers maladies like physical ailments such as joint injuries or mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Benefits compensation is relative to the percentage of disability and increases in 10 percent increments from a low of 10 percent disabled all the way to a veteran being completely 100 percent disabled. VA disability compensation eligibility covers specific injuries or illnesses that may be part of or related to a problem rooted in an individual’s service time even if these conditions presented after someone leaves the military service. Veterans who need food or cash assistance but are not disabled can seek compensation from other government programs.

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Who is eligible for veteran disability compensation in Virginia?

Former service members eligible for veteran disability compensation may receive an increased benefits payout if they have dependents in conjunction with having a 30 percent disability rate. VA disability compensation offsets if veterans receive retirement pay such as a pension from the military, a severance package for their disability or they received certain incentive payments to leave their military service. VA disability compensation eligibility is open to those who meet certain conditions such as:

  • Those who are on active duty in the armed forces.
  • Soldiers on active duty for training.
  • Anyone on inactive duty for training and sustained injury or sickness.
  • Those who were honorably discharged.
  • Those considered to have suffered 10 percent disability due to injury or disease that was caused or exacerbated by active duty service, active duty training, or inactive duty training.

VA disability compensation is available to those on active duty for training if the injury or health condition is the result of a heart attack, stroke or bodily injury. Dishonorably discharged individuals are not eligible for veteran disability compensation and will be denied benefits if they apply for the program. However, dishonorably discharged residents may still apply for other government-assistance programs in Virginia.

It is incumbent upon the individual applying for their VA disability compensation to prove a current medical or mental disability using medical evidence. To satisfy the requirements for VA disability compensation eligibility, the medical evidence used to prove a disability must also connect the injury or illness with some event experienced during a soldier’s service time such as an injury, illness or other experience that was the impetus for the onset of the disability.

VA disability compensation may be awarded automatically upon leaving military service under certain circumstances, which essentially fast-tracks individuals through the VA disability application process. These situations are classified as ‘presumed disability.’ Those soldiers who qualify under presumed disability to meet the standards for eligibility for VA benefits compensation include those who were prisoners war, veterans who contract tropical or chronic ailments that present within a period after their discharge and those who experienced exposure to mustard gas, certain types of radiation or Lewisite during their time in the service.

Examples of presumed disability that qualify an individual for VA disability compensation benefits include such incidents as someone serving in the U.S. Army Reserve sustaining an injury while participating in their physical training classes. VA disability compensation for those with a presumed disability also includes veterans who suffer from exposure to some chemical defoliants and agents as is the case with many Vietnam War veterans and those who served in the Gulf War theater in the Middle East.

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How to Apply for VA Disability Compensation in Virginia

To enroll in veteran disability compensation, you have several options. You may apply for VA disability compensation benefits online using the program’s portal. This is a special portal used for benefits administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense. Using the portal allows you to start and stop your application should you need to gather documentation. You are not required to complete the entire application process at once. There are also agents who are registered and certified to help you navigate the VA disability application process as well. You may also visit your local or regional Veteran’s Administration office where you can have an employee of the VA help you directly with determining your eligibility and then the VA application process for benefits. VA representatives can provide additional information on general relief programs in Virginia if you are experiencing a financial hardship. You may also submit your application through the regular mail. Simply make sure you have all the proper forms filled out completely to send them to the proper address.

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