Virginia Employment Commission

Unemployment benefits are available to Virginia residents through the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC). The Employment Commission provides unemployment compensation to those who have recently lost their employment through no fault of their own. In addition to unemployment assistance, the Virginia Employment Commission also provides career resources to help enhance an applicant’s possibility for employment. Such resources include access to the Virginia Workforce Connection (VAWC), information on upcoming job fairs, and career guides to help applicants better understand the job market. Information on student financial aid assistance as well as wrongful termination assistance is also available through the Virginia Employment Commission for those looking to go back to school or file a claim against their past employer. The Virginia Employment Commission also provides job referrals, training and placement opportunities for veterans of any year or branch of the military to ensure veterans are well taken care of. To learn more about Employment Commission benefits available to Virginia residents, continue reading below.

Student Financial Aid in Virginia

Providing financial aid opportunities to students of all age groups is one way that the VEC tries to reduce unemployment through education. Many modern professions require some form of higher education, but education is not always affordable. The VEC strives to provide as many financial aid opportunities to those who qualify, because it recognizes the needs in the Virginia community for accessible higher education. The VEC provides information on government aid programs that may prove useful to those looking to advance their careers and gain knowledge for the future. Similarly, the FEC provides training programs to help veterans secure work. The VEC also provides services and seminars to those who receive unemployment compensation to assist them in their job search and to improve their chances of acquiring employment. Financial aid opportunities are provided for all age groups, races, ethnicities and genders who qualify for government assistance. Financial aid for technical school and certifications are also available through the VEC in addition to undergraduate and graduate level course assistance. Any form of education that helps in furthering an applicant’s career and in reinforcing his or her job qualifications is considered a valid reason to apply for a form of financial aid through the VEC. If you do not qualify for financial assistance, or do not qualify for enough aid to fully pay for your education, the VEC also has scholarship resources available that may help make up the cost for those interested.

Unemployment Benefits in Virginia

To receive unemployment assistance in Virginia, you need to have lost your employment through no fault of your own, have worked in the state of Virginia for more than 6 months and be actively searching for new employment. Applying for unemployment benefits through the VEC can take some time, so it is important to apply as soon as your employment has been lost. Once approved for unemployment compensation, it will take at least two to three weeks for the VEC to have a response for your application. Your specific unemployment insurance benefits will depend on the amount of your lost salary. To avoid any delays in the application process, be sure to double-check that all your employment history and personal information are correct. Also, keep in mind that unemployment benefits are allotted every two weeks, so be sure to file in a timely manner to receive your benefits on time. Unemployment insurance is not the only benefit a petitioner will receive from the Virginia Employment Commission as he or she searches for a new job. The VEC provides applicants with access to helpful career resources that can assist them in understanding the labor market better and enhance their chances of acquiring a new job. The Virginia Workforce Connection (VAWC), for example, helps job applicants connect with employers that may be seeking employees with their skillsets. These vital benefits from unemployment may assist in both sustaining applicants as they search for new employment and in making them more appealing to potential employers. Learn more about how you can get unemployment benefits by downloading our comprehensive guide.

Wrongful Termination in Virginia

Dealing with wrongful termination in Virginia can be difficult to do on your own. If you believe you were wrongfully terminated, the Virginia Employment Commission may be able to provide assistance. The VEC provides information on the laws and regulations in place that define wrongful termination and what can be done to legally counteract it. The VEC is not able to directly represent you in a legal claim against your former employer, but it can provide access to resources and potential agencies that may be able to assist you in your case. There are many state and federal laws set in place to protect employees from wrongful terminations that many individuals may not be aware of. Knowing these laws may assist you in filing a claim against your employer or in deciding whether or not to use legal action for your termination. If you were wrongfully terminated, the VEC may help you in finding the information you need or in providing you with unemployment assistance until you have resolved the legal issue or have found new employment.

If you believe you have been wrongfully fired, find out the steps you can take to rectify this action by downloading our free Employment Commission guide here.

Virginia Employment Commission