Education Grants in Virginia

Scholarships for college in Virginia are only one of the many resources you can find to fund your academic career. Virginia grants for college are available through educational institutions and the federal and state government on as-need basis. College grants and scholarships in Virginia are accessible through many entities but are best explored through official government sites that are guaranteed not to be part of a scholarship scam. Reliable places to apply for grants include the U.S. Department of Education and the state’s Department of Education. Continue reading below to find out more about how to apply for college grants in Virginia and what some of the requirements for these grants may be.

Who is eligible for a grant program in Virginia?

A Virginia college opportunity grant is awarded based on an individual’s financial needs. Need-based college grants and scholarships are calculated by a student’s chosen education institution using a formula developed by the federal government. Depending on the amount of need a student has, a certain amount of federal, state or institution funds will be allotted to that student for a specific period of time. To consistently qualify for Virginia federal grants, you must meet the requirements for the grant whenever it comes time to renew your eligibility. Government entities and educational institutions use a student’s FAFSA to help determine his or her eligibility, so be sure to fill one out before applying to any grant or scholarship. Keep in mind that Virginia federal grants for college have different criteria than state and institution grants so your application for each one may require varying information. In addition to meeting the financial need requirements to be eligible for financial assistance, students must also be citizens or approved residents of the United States. For Virginia state university grants and state specific grants, it is typically required that a student be a resident of the state as well.

Grants and scholarships for college students in Virginia can also be allotted through different school departments and can correspond to specific areas of study. For example, the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant is given to qualifying individuals studying to become teachers. Virginia state university grants offer the TEACH program to fund the education of future teachers in exchange for the teacher’s assistance in the future. Teachers in the TEACH program must teach at a low-income school assigned to them by the TEACH program as a form of repaying the federal government for the financial assistance they received while attending college. Learn about other forms of grants by downloading our free guide.

What are Virginia grants used for?

Virginia grants for college are primarily used to pay a student’s tuition and fees. College grants and scholarships can also be used to pay for technical school and certain certification programs. You can use your allotted money to pay for books, classes, school supplies and other education related expenses. Grant money is usually sent directly to the school of your choice and you can manage it through your school’s financial aid office. Virginia college funds are very rarely allowed to be in the direct possession of the individual who receives it and the allotment is left in the hands of an educational institution to ensure it us being used appropriately. In fact, meeting grant eligibility requirements consists of providing the lists of schools you have applied to or providing the school you plan to attend.

To maintain your grant for college at the same amount and not risk having to pay any of it back to the federal or state government, you should make sure not to drastically change your FAFSA information. For example, if you suddenly switch from a full-time student to a part-time student, your financial need will be recalculated and you may need to return the money you received for being a full-time student. Similarly, if you are receiving a federal grant to fund a specific certification, you may not switch areas of study while maintaining the same grant because the grant may not apply to a different certification program.

How do you apply for grants in Virginia?

To apply for a Virginia federal grant, state grants or institution grants, you must first fill out a FAFSA. A student’s FAFSA provides the primary information used to calculate need-based grants and other forms of financial assistance. While scholarships for college students may be split between need-based and merit-based, grants in Virginia are mostly need-based. You must apply for grants for college before the school due date and before applications close. It is important to apply for college grants and scholarships in Virginia as early as possible, as there are a limited number of applicants who can be accepted each year. The state and federal government allot a certain amount of money each year to student scholarships and grants, but that amount cannot provide for every student who is eligible for a grant. Be aware that you must apply for grants in a timely manner, so be sure to contact your chosen school’s financial aid office for accurate due date information. Download our comprehensive guide for more information on the grant application process.

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