Unemployment Insurance Extensions in Virginia

A federal unemployment extension can only occur if the state has acknowledged or issued an extension period for the benefits. While an unemployment benefits extension cannot occur for regularly provided benefits, there are certain circumstances in which an extension can be approved for a beneficiary. Extended Benefits (EB) and Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) are both extension programs offered in Virginia. An unemployment extension program can only be enacted if certain requirements must take place. Applicants can easily find out how to get an unemployment extension if they are close to exhausting their benefits by determining if the state of Virginia has issued extension protocol. To find out more regarding an unemployment compensation extension, along with how each extension works, continue reading below.

What are the unemployment extensions available in Virginia?

An unemployment extension in Virginia can only occur when a declaration for extended benefits has been made. Many beneficiaries wonder “What can I do to extend unemployment benefits?” An unemployment benefits extension will only be available during certain times, such as a high state unemployment time or when an emergency, such as a declared disaster, occurs. The most common unemployment benefits extension that occurs is the Extended Benefits program. Extended Benefits is only available during periods of extremely high unemployment levels on both a state and federal level. However, these benefits are only offered when a claimant has already exhausted his or her regular benefits. When Virginia declares an extended benefit period for beneficiaries, then a notice will be mailed from the Virginia Employment Compensation (VEC) to beneficiaries already receiving unemployment benefits. This federal unemployment extension has not been enacted since December 2013, and as it stands, only regular unemployment benefits are offered.

Another unemployment compensation extension offered in Virginia is the Emergency Unemployment Compensation. EUC is a federal unemployment extension program which provides extended benefits to beneficiaries during a declared time of need. The EUC program is a temporary extension of unemployment benefits for beneficiaries who already exhausted all regular unemployment benefits. The EUC is also not a year-round extension and is only enacted during a declared period economic strife. EUC benefits are not available at this time and will only be enacted as announced on a federal level.

At this time, there are no Virginia unemployment extensions enacted. The most recent unemployment compensation extension in Virginia expired in 2013. During this particular time when unemployment benefits were extended, beneficiaries received up to an additional 80 percent of their regular compensation weekly benefits. In order to find out more information regarding an extension of unemployment benefits in Virginia, download our helpful state guide today.

Who is eligible for unemployment extensions in Virginia?

Beneficiaries who are wondering, “How can I extend unemployment?” in Virginia often question whether or not they are eligible. One of the main factors regarding unemployment benefits extension eligibility involves whether or not an extended period has been enacted by the state or federal government. In addition, an unemployment extension will only be granted to beneficiaries who have already exhausted regular unemployment benefits. In order to be eligible to receive unemployment compensation extension benefits, applicants must:

  • Have already exhausted all rights to regular compensation benefits after a particular year.
  • Have no established rights to regular unemployment benefits or Extended Benefits.
  • Not be receiving compensation under the unemployment compensation law of Canada.

The way that eligibility for EB and EUC benefits are determined is in the same manner in which regular unemployment benefits are determined. Beneficiaries who have met the unemployment benefits requirements as established by Virginia will be eligible for extended unemployment benefits if the circumstance should arise. Applicants who question eligibility for extended unemployment benefits can contact the local VEC for more answers or download our state guide today.

How does an applicant apply for an unemployment extension in Virginia?

An extension of unemployment compensation in Virginia is offered to beneficiaries who are already receiving benefits by the state. For those beneficiaries, a notice of their eligibility will be mailed from the Virginia Employment Compensation in order to advise recipients of a benefit extension period. An unemployment compensation extension will be enacted by state, or on a federal level, and applicants who are notified of the extension will not need to apply. Eligibility will be pre-determined for an extension period, and beneficiaries who are eligible will receive a written determination. For prospective beneficiaries who have never received unemployment benefits before, going through the regular unemployment channels first is advised. When an unemployment compensation extension is declared, new beneficiaries will need to apply for regular unemployment benefits first, before an extension can be provided. Any federal unemployment extension or Virginia unemployment extension program will be in addition to regular benefits, not in place of. To learn more about unemployed compensations in Virginia as well as how to get an unemployment extension after all benefits are exhausted, download our comprehensive Virginia guide today.

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