The Virginia Workforce Connection

The Virginia Workforce Connection (VAWC) is a part of the Virginia Workforce Network that helps support workers by finding new positions and assists employers in finding qualified applicants. You must register for Virginia Workforce Connection services when you become unemployed to help with the process of getting unemployment benefits in the state. When you register for these services, you can also find supports for job searches and supplemental services. Find out how to get involved in the Virginia Workforce Connection in the following sections.

What is the Virginia Workforce Connection?

The Virginia Employment Commission Workforce Connection is a partner in the Virginia Workforce Network. The Virginia Workforce Connection is the portal through which the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) provides unemployment, job search and state benefit information. The VAWC also provides labor market information and occupational profile assessments that can help you in finding a new job or career path. The Virginia Workforce Connection also supports employers in meeting their need for qualified applicants and how best to support workers returning to the workforce. If you are a veteran, you can use the VAWC to seek jobs and get more information about veteran employment assistance programs.

How to Get Involved in the Virginia Workforce Connection

You must complete a Virginia Workforce Connection individual registration when you first become unemployed. The VAWC provides all services online and will require you to use a computer with an internet connection. You can find a computer with access to the internet at any public library if you are unable to complete the application process at home. You can also get assistance with your Virginia Workforce Connection application at any Virginia Employment Commission office. Virginia Workforce Connection eligibility is established when you become unemployed. You must first create a VAWC account that will require you to provide your name and your Social Security number. When you create your account, you will have access to employment assistance like job fairs and positions listings.

What are the benefits available through the Virginia Workforce Connection?

When you have completed the Virginia Workforce Connection requirements for the application process, you will be able to access the full range of benefits available to workers in VA. While the VAWC is responsible for handling unemployment insurance claims, it has many other information and resources for you if you are unemployed. When you register with the Virginia Workforce Connection, you will be entered into the Job Services program and you will receive access to reemployment services. In addition to applying for and claiming unemployment insurance, VAWC benefits include access to the online database of available positions in your area and across Virginia. When you begin a Virginia Workforce Connection job search, you are registered their online job search database.

Virginia Workforce Connection benefits also include support in uploading or building a resume for job applications. Just as you can use the VAWC website to search for jobs, employers can use the service to scan for qualified applicants. Virginia Employment Commission staff will be prescreening applications and resumes to provide the best service to both you and your future employers. The Virginia Workforce Connection can provide listings of different job fairs and expositions that you can attend, and it can provide opportunities for state employment.

The VAWC also provides access to information regarding industries and jobs in Virginia. The Virginia Workforce Connection benefits also include access to education and training. You can research the training and educational requirements for a variety of careers to find explore future opportunities. When you use VAWC services, you will be able to search for technical training providers and programs, as well as secondary and higher education programs and schools. Information on provided by the Virginia Workforce Connection also includes completion records for the programs listed and avenues for financial assistance if you cannot pay for training or degree completion. When utilizing VAWC services, you can also look at the education profile informer, which allows you to see programs for see what types of employment opportunities there are based on the type of degree you have.

The Virginia Workforce Connection also provides applications for various social services you may be eligible for given your employment and income status. While the VAWC does not directly administer these services, it can provide information about eligibility and types of support. You will also be able to use the budget-planning tool to estimate the amount of income and benefits you will receive. The Virginia Workforce Connection can also provide information about unemployment benefits denial, if necessary. Another important service of the Virginia Workforce Connection is financial planning and benefit acquisition while unemployed. When you become unemployed you will likely need to reconfigure your budget. Tools available through the VAWC can help you develop a spending strategy that will make the most of your unemployment benefits.

Virginia Workforce Connection benefits also include information regarding additional services that you may require during unemployment. You can get more information about health and medical programs for you and your family including eligibility for government support. The Virginia Workforce Connection provides information about as programs for those with children and people who have disabilities. Finally, you will also find information regarding how to volunteer during unemployment and the opportunities and benefits involved.

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