How to Apply for Medicaid in Virginia


The process of how to apply for Medicaid in Virginia varies depending on whether qualifying claimants wish to apply online, in person, by mail or telephone. If claimants wish to apply for Medicaid online, they simply need to input their personal information before submitting the application electronically. If submitting a Medicaid application form in person, however, applicants must visit a local branch of the Virginia Department of Social Services (DSS). To submit a Medicaid application in person at a branch of the DSS, claimants must visit an office for the city or county in which they live. Alternately, applicants may mail medical assistance applications to their local DSS office if they prefer paper applications. Additionally, claimants may complete the initial enrollment process by telephone. For additional information on how to apply for Virginia Medicaid, download our comprehensive guide. To learn more about where to apply for Medicaid in Virginia, review the information below.

Where do you sign up for Medicaid in Virginia?

For residents wondering how to apply for Medicaid in Virginia (also known as applying for medical assistance) it is important to remember that several application methods are available to qualifying candidates. For instance, claimants may apply for Medicaid online, in person at a local DSS office, by mail or telephone. Additionally, Medicaid application forms are sometimes available for pick-up at local hospitals. Before visiting a hospital to obtain a Medicaid application, however, it is important to contact the medical center beforehand, as not all hospitals keep these forms on file. To learn more about where to apply for Medicaid in VA, download our detailed guide here.

How to Apply for Medicaid in Virginia

Whether applying for Medicaid online, in person, by mail or telephone, claimants must complete a Virginia medical assistance application and one or more supplemental forms, if applicable. The Medicaid enrollment form is also known as the Application for Health Coverage & Help Paying Costs. Petitioners should make sure to get information about the costs and coverage of Medicaid to see if the program is right for their family. Applicants may obtain this Medicaid application form online or in person at a local DSS office. If residents do not wish to apply for Medicaid online, they may download an application, complete it by hand and submit the form in person or by mail.

In addition to the standard Virginia Medicaid application, claimants may need to complete supplemental forms if necessary. These supplemental medical assistance forms include the Additional Person Single Page Supplement, the ABD-LTC Application (Appendix D) and the Medically Needy Spenddown form (Appendix E). For instance, supplemental Medicaid applications are necessary when residents wish to receive medical assistance for more than two people per household. Additionally, supplemental Medicaid application forms are necessary in the following situations:

  • If obtaining Medicaid coverage for adults with disabilities who are older than 19 years of age
  • If obtaining medical assistance for adults who are 65 years of age or older
  • If applying for long-term care services
  • If medically-needy (MD) applicants wish to receive an evaluation for a Medicaid spenddown

When completing an application for medical assistance in VA, any family member may complete the form on behalf of the beneficiary who meets Medicaid eligibility requirements. If completing a medical assistance application for anyone other than a spouse or family member younger than 21 years of age, however, applicants must complete an authorized representative form. Furthermore, any claimant who receives Medicaid application assistance must also complete Appendix C as part of the enrollment process.

Additionally, residents may sign up for Medicaid in Virginia even if they already receive medical coverage through another provider, if applicable. After completing the medical assistance application form, claimants may discover that they are eligible for free or lower-cost health coverage, even if they are already insured. Furthermore, parents may complete a Medicaid enrollment form for their child even if mothers or fathers are not eligible for coverage. Potential applicants learning how to apply for Medicaid in Virginia should get more information about the medical assistance application forms and other necessary documents.

When completing the Virginia Medicaid application, what information do I need?

When completing a Virginia Medicaid application form, claimants must include information pertaining to any type of taxable income, their current job and earned income, federal taxes and current health insurance policy numbers, if applicable. When completing a medical assistance form, applicants must include this information for each household member. Additionally, any claimant who wishes to apply for Medicaid must include their Social Security Number (SSN), full legal name, date of birth and citizenship or immigration status. To complete a medical assistance application without any issues or delays, applicants can gather all necessary information in advance, as doing so will help them to obtain coverage even quicker.

If completing supplemental Medicaid application forms, claimants will need to provide additional information as well. For instance, the ABD-LTC Medicaid application requires information pertaining to various resources and assets, such as banking details, life insurance policies, pre-paid burial arrangements, real property and owned vehicles. If applying for a Medicaid spenddown, applicants must also include information pertaining to their resources and assets and any additional income they may receive. Claimants who learn how to apply for Medicaid in VA will discover the various types of information necessary for completing an enrollment form.

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