Virginia Vital Records

Vital records in Virginia are important to obtain in a variety of instances. Government-issued vital statistics can be obtained easily and conveniently online through a trusted third-party provider. You can also access these documents in person or by mail through the Virginia Department of Health. However, the processing times for Virginia bureau of vital statistics records can vary when utilizing traditional means for getting your documents. The department of vital records in VA provides four types of records. Each type serves a distinct purpose and should be obtained only by individuals who meet the criteria to access them.

The VA vital records office offers marriage records that can help you prove your legal rights to documents and privileges only available to married couples. A simple avenue to obtain these documents is through an online trustworthy third-party provider that can process your vital record request quickly. The office of vital records in Virginia also provides access to birth records. Birth records can be used to verify familial relationships, establish qualifications for government services and more. This vital statistic is available online, by mail or in person through the Virginia Department of Health, but processing times will vary when mailing in your forms. Additionally, if you are not located close to an official vital records office, you will have to travel to an approved location and wait in line.

Divorce vital records in VA are documents you can use to verify the status of your divorce, research details of your divorce or provide proof of your marital status for legal purposes. The Virginia department of vital statistics holds three subsets of divorce documents, including divorce decrees, divorce certificates and divorce records. Divorce records are the most complete account of a divorce you can obtain.

A death record is another important document you can obtain online if you meet the approved purpose requirements. A death record is a vital statistic that gives information on the date and location of a death. Death records may be required when processing inheritance or in other legal proceedings where assets are distributed posthumously.

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Virginia Birth Certificates

Virginia birth certificates are important vital record documents received by every U.S. born person, and they are used by many countries around the world to verify location and date of birth. A certificate of birth substantiates your nationality, race and ethnicity, age as well as your biological or legal parents. Everyone has a right to access their original birth certificate in Virginia, but obtaining this document can be difficult, depending on the year and location of your birth. You can easily complete a birth certificate application and submit the information online to avoid certified birth certificate difficulties, which include long processing times and crowded government offices. Read More

Virginia Death Records

Virginia death records assist residents in accessing many benefits after the death of a family member. To find a death certificate, you can complete a death certificate search online for maximum ease in obtaining the information you require. Public death records detail the date and location of death. Only certain individuals can access a VA death record using the death index, as these documents include sensitive information such as cause of death. If you are wondering, “How long does it take to get a death certificate?” you can learn how to obtain a death certificate and how to shorten processing in the following sections. Read More

Virginia Marriage Records

Virginia marriage license documents help to legitimate the legal union of two people and provide access to a variety of necessary services. A marriage certificate verifies that your union is legal and documented with the court. Additionally, VA marriage records can help provide access to medical record information, financial documents and the right to particular government services. The most convenient method to obtain your marriage certificate online is to go through a trusted third-party provider. Read More

Virginia Divorce Records

Divorce records in Virginia certify that a marriage has been dissolved. You must retain your divorce certificate for use in official proceedings such as a change in name on your driver’s license or a change in status on your taxes. “How can I easily find my divorce papers?” is a question frequently asked by many residents in Virginia. Marriage and divorce records in VA can be conveniently accessed online through a credible third-party provider, allowing you to avoid long lines and the cost of postage. Read More

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