Virginia Birth Certificates

Virginia birth certificates are important vital record documents received by every U.S. born person, and they are used by many countries around the world to verify location and date of birth. A certificate of birth substantiates your nationality, race and ethnicity, age as well as your biological or legal parents.

Everyone has a right to access their original birth certificate in Virginia, but obtaining this document can be difficult, depending on the year and location of your birth. You can easily complete a birth certificate application and submit the information online to avoid certified birth certificate difficulties, which include long processing times and crowded government offices. Discover the many ways you can use your birth record and how to quickly obtain vital records online by reading below.

Obtain a Virginia Birth Certificate Copy Online

The most convenient way to obtain a replacement birth certificate in Virginia is to submit your application for a birth certificate through a trusted third-party provider online. Online processing for your birth certificate form is the quickest way to obtain birth certificate information and can save you time and money from postage and travel.

Obtain a Virginia Birth Certificate Copy by Mail

The alternative to convenient online birth certificate application forms are in-person and mail-in forms. The Virginia Department of Health provides paper VA applications for birth certificates that you must download, print and fill out before mailing. When mailing in your birth certificate form to the department, you must verify all documentation beforehand. If you make a mistake on your application, you must wait at least one week to receive mail correspondence alerting you of your mistake. Additionally, you must submit certified birth certificate verification information such as a valid U.S. Passport. The mail-in birth certificate application can place you at greater risk of having confidential information lost or stolen.

Obtain a Virginia Birth Certificate Copy in Person

In-person processing for a duplicate birth certificate is also an option that will require a significant time commitment. Virginia Department of Health locations are only available in select locations, and commuting to your closest location could require lengthy travel times. Additionally, birth records offices are only open during regular business hours Monday through Friday, meaning you will need to coordinate leaving work early or during lunch. Obtaining a copy of birth certificate documents in person will be a difficult task if you work during the week, as long lines could increase your wait time.

Types of Birth Records in Virginia

There are several kinds of Virginia birth record documents you can obtain depending on the purpose of your request. Some vital birth record information provides only basic information on when you were born and where. This is considered a short form VA birth certificate form and can be used to prove your identity. You may need to access this birth form if you are applying for a passport, driver’s license or identification card.

A long-form birth certificate copy offers comprehensive information on your age, where you were born and information on one or both parents. Although you can apply for a birth certificate in either format, many government organizations prefer the long-form document. This is especially true if you want to order birth certificate information for a child. To obtain many services from the state of Virginia, you will be required to submit proof of your guardianship. If you choose to get a duplicate of birth certificate documents in short form, you may need to provide additional proof of your relationship to your child.

Reasons to Obtain Birth Certificate Records in Virginia

You can use a Virginia birth certificate duplicate for several purposes. Most commonly, a vital birth record is required when you must verify your identity to apply for public services such as Section 8 Housing, Food Stamps or Social Security. Additionally, a VA birth certificate copy is required when you apply for a driver’s license for the first time, or when you move to Virginia from another state. Often, obtaining your original birth certificate is difficult if you were not born in Virginia. Apply for a birth certificate copy easily online and avoid the long process of accessing original documents.

If you have children, you will need to provide their birth record when enrolling them in school. Schools must verify your connection to your child as well as the child’s birthday in order to provide the needed educational services. Additionally, some programs, such as the Children’s Health Insurance Program, have age requirements. A copy of birth certificate is used to substantiate their eligibility.

How to Obtain a Replacement Birth Certificate in Virginia

If you lose your certificate of birth, you will have difficulty accessing needed services or applying for a U.S. Passport. Complete the replacement birth certificate process as soon as possible to avoid having to delay other applications and access to services. If your certified birth certificate is stolen, you should report this theft immediately to avoid identity theft. You may be required to provide a copy of the police report if you order birth certificate paperwork in person or by mail. To avoid this lengthy process, apply for a replacement birth certificate online here.

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