Virginia Divorce Records

Divorce records in Virginia certify that a marriage has been dissolved. You must retain your divorce certificate for use in official proceedings such as a change in name on your driver’s license or a change in status on your taxes. “How can I easily find my divorce papers?” is a question frequently asked by many residents in Virginia. Marriage and divorce records in VA can be conveniently accessed online through a credible third-party provider, allowing you to avoid long lines and the cost of postage.

Get Your Divorce Records Online in Virginia

Request a copy of divorce papers in Virginia online to process your application from the convenience of your home. If you are wondering how to find divorce records without having to spend hours at the Virginia Department of Health or wait weeks for mail correspondence, there is a simple solution that can save you time and money. A trusted third-party provider can help you easily search divorce records and obtain a public record divorce document through an online application. Get a copy of divorce certificate documents online by clicking here.

Get Your Divorce Records by Mail in Virginia

Accessing a copy of divorce decree in Virginia by mail is a traditional yet far less convenient method. The Virginia Department of Health offers a decree of divorce paper application, which you can print and fill out. After completing the paper application to access a copy of your divorce certificate at home, you must travel to the post office to mail in the application along with your qualifying documents. To search divorce records in VA, the by mail option requires you to submit certified copies of your identification information, such as your driver’s license. It is possible that your documents could be lost or stolen in transit.

Get Your Divorce Records in Person in Virginia

Lastly, you can find out how to get a copy of divorce papers in person by visiting the Virginia Department of Health. To complete a VA divorce record search in person, you must first identify the closest Department of Health office to your home or work. To get a copy of a divorce decree in Virginia, you must identify the operating hours of the location you want to visit. Most offices are only open during normal business hours such as 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This leaves only a small window of opportunity to get a copy of your divorce decree if you work during business hours. Additionally, because the Health Department only has a select number of offices in each county, there is typically a long line to be seen. This means you must either wait for extended periods of time or travel to get a certified copy of divorce decree several times before obtaining your record. Reduce the time it takes to obtain divorce documents by processing your application online here.

Types of Divorce Documents in Virginia

There are several kinds of divorce documents in Virginia that you can obtain depending on your intended use of the documents.

A divorce certificate is a document that legitimizes that a marriage is dissolved and the divorce record is finalized. A divorce certificate copy will include the names of the two individuals who are separated, when and where the process occurred.

A decree of divorce is a document that includes the names of the divorced parties, the location of the separation and the date as is found in the certificate. However, a copy of divorce decree in Virginia also includes a signature by the judge who finalized the divorce as well as a summary of any decisions that were made pertaining to custody or assets. You should obtain a decree of divorce copy if you need some basic information about the terms of the divorce.

Divorce records in VA include both the decree of divorce, the certificate and any supporting documents included in the divorce proceedings. You should conduct a divorce record search when you need to determine details of divorce arrangements.

You can obtain the needed information about your divorce by applying for online divorce records through a credible third-party provider.

Who is eligible to access a decree of divorce in Virginia?

Only approved parties can find divorce records in VA and obtain copies of the records. After you determine how to get a copy of divorce decree documents, you should verify that you are eligible to access these documents. Divorce documents can be requested by either party involved in the legal separation or a child of one or both divorcees. Additionally, a divorce certificate copy can be requested if you are a legal representative of one of the aforementioned parties.

Virginia divorce search verification involves providing identification that meets Virginia state requirements. Approved divorce request documents include but are not limited to Virginia driver’s licenses, state-issued I.D. cards, U.S. passports, military ID cards and work permit paperwork. Any identification information used to obtain documents of divorce must be valid and contain up-to-date information.

How can I use my divorce papers in Virginia?

You will need a divorce decree copy when you want to enforce child support arrangements or alimony claims. Additionally, if you plan to remarry, you should apply for a copy of divorce certificate information to verify that you are not currently married.

When you want to amend your legal name with the Social Security Administration, you will be asked to provide your divorce papers as proof that your name change is legal. Additionally, a divorce decree copy may be requested when you apply for government assistance, financial aid or other public services to verify your single status. It is best to have a copy of your divorce papers on hand as you may not anticipate needing them to complete an application or in a legal dispute. Easily obtain your divorce papers online through a trusted third-party provider.

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