Virginia Marriage Records

Virginia marriage license documents help to legitimate the legal union of two people and provide access to a variety of necessary services. A marriage certificate verifies that your union is legal and documented with the court. Additionally, VA marriage records can help provide access to medical record information, financial documents and the right to particular government services. The most convenient method to obtain your marriage certificate online is to go through a trusted third-party provider.

Order Your Virginia Marriage Records Online

Ordering a marriage certificate online can be completed simply from the comfort of your home. Not only can processing your marriage license search online save you time, you can save money by eliminating postage fees. Additionally, a marriage license lookup by mail requires a fee whether or not the records are located. Fortunately, you can order a marriage certificate in VA online through a trustworthy third-party provider.

Order Your Virginia Marriage Records by Mail

You can get a certified copy of marriage certificate information by mail through the Virginia Department of Health. The process to gain a copy of marriage certificate in Virginia can take several weeks by mail and involves submitting photocopies of your verifying information. Obtaining a VA marriage certificate copy by mail involves risk in postal delays as well as the possibility of theft of sensitive documents such as your birth certificate. Additionally, if your marriage license lookup includes errors, you must wait to find out if your application is rejected and reapply at the same cost.

Order Your Virginia Marriage Records in Person

Lastly, you can apply for your Virginia marriage certificate in person by visiting one of the Virginia Department of Health offices. The hours of operation may make traveling to a location difficult, as the VA marriage license office is only open during business hours. It is likely you do not live near one of the locations, as they are not available in every city. Commute times and long lines can prevent replacement marriage certificate processes from occurring quickly. Avoid long lines and extended processing time by applying for your marriage record online today.

Types of Virginia Marriage Records

There are several kinds of marriage records in Virginia you can request depending on the information you need. Not all marriage registration data will provide details of the marriage. A marriage license is a short document that indicates you plan to get married. It is a document signed by the two intended people that verifies any change in name. This marriage registration document is completed by the person who officiates your wedding. The marriage documents are then sent to the court, which will issue your marriage certificate substantiating that all requirements for legal marriage have been satisfied. A VA marriage certificate is the legal document you can keep in your wedding records that indicates the date and time of your wedding as well as the full legal names of both spouses.

How can marriage records be used in Virginia?

Ordering a marriage certificate in Virginia can be useful for a variety of purposes. VA marriage documents are used to prove that two people are legally married in the case of access to sensitive information. Marriage certificate search information is often used to search for existing marriage information on individuals looking to marry. A marriage license can only be completed if both parties are currently unmarried. Additionally, Virginia marriage license records may be used in legal proceedings as evidence for access to assets and funds when one spouse dies or is incapacitated. A marriage license lookup may be conducted by a doctor’s office or hospital, as many medical decisions can only be made by a spouse if an individual cannot give consent. If you cannot find marriage records, you must replace a lost marriage certificate as soon as possible to avoid being without this vital record. You may need a marriage document when performing a driver’s license name change. If you do not have a certified copy of your marriage certificate, you may not be able to apply for important services that require verification of marriage status. Obtain or replace your marriage documents simply and without long processing times by ordering a marriage certificate online through a trustworthy third-party provider.

Who is eligible to obtain marriage license records in Virginia?

You are only eligible to obtain a Virginia replacement marriage certificate if you are one of the involved parties in the marriage or a child of one of the individuals who was married. To prove eligibility to conduct a marriage record search, you are required to provide identification verification. Only qualifying identification will be acceptable for duplicate marriage certificate application purposes. A few options include a U.S. passport, Virginia driver’s license or a certificate of naturalization. However, all documents must be current and valid to be used in your application process.

When you complete the verification for VA marriage license search in person, you must bring your documents and wait in long lines before being able to verify your qualifications to access the intended records. You can reduce the time it takes to complete the process by using an online application.

You can access wedding records in Virginia from the comfort of your home using a credible third-party provider. Request your marriage certificate online by clicking here.

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