Homeownership Assistance in Virginia

Homeownership assistance in Virginia is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which works in partnership with several other government agencies. These offices include the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the Fair Housing Board (FHB) and the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Each department works with the state to provide homeownership assistance, offering first time home buyer programs with resources to secure low-interest loans, counseling programs and anti-discrimination measures.

Through FHA loans in Virginia, first-time purchasers are able to register for low-interest loans with little to no down-payment when purchasing a home. This allows for lower-income residents to purchase homes with credit scores that may otherwise be rejected in the marketplace. Additionally, the variety of VA FHA loan types that the federal government has provided makes the program flexible for every kind of Virginia resident despite their income status and current living situation.

Additionally, housing counseling in Virginia state allows for participants living in HUD homes to not only learn about homeownership but also retain their residency with financial management workshops should they be current participants. These programs offered by the VA HUD educate on subjects like foreclosure avoidance and keeping regular payments. Steps within this homeownership assistance program have effectively expanded homeownership and have reinforced low-income ownership rates in the state of Virginia.

Lastly, federal and state agencies enforce VA housing discrimination complaints, which has encouraged not only homeownership on part of the buyer but also goodwill practices on part of housing providers across the state. This ability to launch discrimination complaints has increased transparency in the housing market for low-income purchasers and allowed for homeownership to increase in the state of Virginia. Learn more about homeownership assistance in Virginia by reading the sections below.

FHA Loans in Virginia

Through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), FHA loans in Virginia work to expand the rate of homeownership among state residents and generally provide an equal opportunity for housing to Virginians of any socioeconomic background. A few of the advantages of FHA loan types offered by the state include ownership assistance open primarily to first-time homebuyers, counseling resources and lower monthly mortgage payments. While these benefits are offered by most FHA loans in VA, shoppers should note that the FHA is not a direct-lending institution. Rather, the FHA oversees a network of private lenders that will work with loan shoppers. Each FHA loan will offer a variety of different benefits specific to what the lender has elected to offer. Loans within this network are generally more flexible and provide lessees with the ability to obtain credit they otherwise may not be eligible to receive in the marketplace.

Housing Counseling in Virginia

Before purchasing a HUD home, applicants must first receive housing counseling in Virginia to learn about homeownership before committing to the investment. Additionally, these housing counseling services must be offered to those already participating in an FHA loan program as a method of resolving delinquent payments should the need arise. This program allows for homebuyers and current participants of FHA loans to talk to a housing counselor who will provide both of these groups with information on how to buy a home, avoid default, avoid foreclosure and also help them resolve credit issues and even apply for reverse mortgages. Housing counseling agencies are central to Virginia’s efforts to increase homeownership among state residents and generally make the investment available to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic background. Participants should note that this service is intended to be a free service to all residents, with some limitations. VA home buying counseling agencies may be permitted to charge for services related to pre-purchase, rentals and non-delinquent counseling.

How to File a Housing Discrimination Complaint in Virginia

Housing discrimination complaints in Virginia are handled by the Fair Housing Board (FHB), which administers the federal Fair Housing Law. The FHB maintains several boards that investigate different types of housing discrimination complaints and allow for housing applicants to receive fair consideration when purchasing a home. In addition, the FHB of Virginia reviews a variety of these housing complaints and allows applicants to not only receive protection from undue hardship by home-sellers, mortgage lenders, landlords, banks and other housing providers, but also provides a free complaint process. In addition to these housing discrimination complaint services for first-time homebuyers, the VA FHB also administers a certification program that educates providers on Fair Housing law.

How to Buy an HUD Home in Virginia

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) connects homebuyers with HUD homes in Virginia state as well as the resources necessary to make a purchase through management of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). These HUD homes are foreclosures that were previously financed through FHA loans by lower-income, first-time buyers who have defaulted on their payments. As a result, VA HUD homes have been returned to the FHA for resale. These residences are generally single-family, one-to-four-unit properties that are sold through auction. In order to buy a home from HUD, there are five main steps that Virginia residents must take. First, residents must learn where to find an HUD home for purchase, then contact an FHA-approved real estate broker to post bids. With this, the home must also be appraised if necessary, inspected and finally, financed with an FHA-approved lender.

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