Homelessness Assistance in Virginia

Homeless assistance in Virginia is provided through both state and federal funding. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs (SNAPS) helps the Virginia homelessness assistance program combat homelessness by funding financial and support services for homeless people of all ages and backgrounds, including individuals, families, youth and veterans. “How does HUD help homeless people in Virginia?” is a commonly asked question. The homeless assistance program is designed to help people who are currently homeless, in danger of becoming homeless, or escaping domestic violence. The Virginia homelessness assistance program has three main goals: prevent people from becoming homeless, minimize the length of time people are homeless and prevent people from becoming homeless again. To work towards these goals, homeless assistance in Virginia includes emergency shelter, rapid rehousing, prevention/diversion and other services. Special services are available for veterans, including veteran rapid rehousing, rental assistance vouchers and in-shelter care.

Eligibility for Homelessness Assistance in Virginia

Virginia homelessness assistance programs are designed to help individuals, families, youth and veterans who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. You may qualify for VA homeless assistance if you meet one of these criteria:

  • You do not currently have stable or adequate housing.
  • You are in danger of losing stable or adequate housing.
  • You are escaping or trying to escape a domestic violence situation and meet categories one or two above.

Your situation may influence the type of homelessness assistance you are eligible to receive. You can learn more about homeless assistance programs and eligibility guidelines by downloading our complimentary guide today.

Types of Homeless Assistance in Virginia

How does HUD help homeless people? HUD supports services that are designed to prevent homelessness, shorten the length of time individuals and families are homeless and keep individuals and families from returning to homelessness. One well-known type of VA homelessness assistance program is shelter service. Shelter services include emergency, short-term residence to eligible homeless individuals and families. Designed to be a temporary help for the homeless, shelter stays have the long-term goal of helping individuals or families obtain permanent housing.

Another important type of homelessness assistance in Virginia is a service known as The Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program (HPRP), or rapid rehousing. This service for the homeless seeks to provide limited-time financial assistance and housing relocation and stabilization services to qualified participants. This could include rental assistance, housing stabilization assistance, housing search and placement services and more.

In addition to standard rapid rehousing programs for homeless people, the state offers veteran-exclusive rapid rehousing services. Seeking to provide homeless veteran assistance in Virginia, veteran rapid rehousing services offer limited-time financial assistance and housing relocation and stabilization services to qualified homeless veterans. As with traditional rapid rehousing services for homeless people in VA, this could include rent assistance, housing stabilization assistance, housing search and placement services and more. You may be eligible for this type of homeless veteran assistance in VA if you meet the criteria for standard rapid rehousing and you are a military member who has been released from your duty in the armed forces.

Another type of homeless assistance in Virginia, prevention/diversion services focus on stopping homelessness for individuals or families who are at risk of becoming homeless. These types of homelessness assistance programs could include rent assistance, housing stabilization, financial assistance and more.

Homeless Veteran Assistance in Virginia

“How does HUD help homeless veterans in Virginia?” is a frequently asked question from veterans in need of housing services. HUD and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) collaborate to provide assistance to homeless veterans and their families in Virginia through the HUD-VASH housing program for veterans. You may qualify for veteran homelessness assistance in Virginia if you meet the federal requirements for homelessness and are a military veteran. Families can be eligible for homeless veteran assistance if the head of the household or the spouse of the head is an eligible veteran. You may have to verify your veteran status by presenting certain forms.

Services for homeless veteran in Virginia include the following:

  • Section 8 rental assistance vouchers with permanent housing support services
  • Rapid rehousing with financial assistance and housing relocation and stabilization services
  • Case management and supportive services that encourage housing stability
  • Government-funded transitional housing for homeless veterans
  • At-home care for veterans with illnesses or special care needs in or out of shelters

How to Use the HUD Exchange to Find Homeless Assistance in Virginia

If you are looking for homelessness assistance in Virginia, the HUD Exchange is a handy online resource that helps users and organizations find information, tools and more to combat homelessness. By using the VA HUD Exchange Homelessness Assistance resource locator, you can look up homeless services in your area. To learn how to navigate the HUD Exchange Homelessness Assistance locator and obtain other helpful resources, you can download our complimentary guide today.

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