Department of Housing and Urban Development-VA Supportive Housing in Virginia

“What is the HUD VASH program in Virginia?” is a common question from veterans in need of housing assistance. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – Veterans Affairs (VA) Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) program is a joint effort between the HUD and VA departments to combat veteran homelessness. Like the mission of many other veterans housing assistance programs, the program’s goal is to help homeless single veterans and homeless veterans with families obtain and keep permanent housing. HUD VASH eligibility is primarily for veterans with special needs, including those with mental illnesses, substance abuse addiction or physical disability. HUD VASH benefits include housing assistance through the form of housing choice vouchers provided by HUD. At the same time, this VA HUD housing program also helps participants develop tools to obtain and sustain permanent housing through case management and supportive services like health care, substance abuse counseling and mental health treatment from the VA. While enrolled in the HUD for veterans program, participants must engage in case management services and follow physical or mental health treatment recommendations. If you are exploring veteran housing assistance program options, read on to learn more about these services.

HUD VASH Eligibility in Virginia

As an HUD housing program in VA, HUD-VASH provides assistance to veterans and their families, with a special emphasis on homelessness assistance. This Virginia HUD for veterans housing program relies on several factors, including veteran status, homeless status, special needs and more.

HUD-VASH benefits are only available to VA health care-eligible veterans and their families. You may qualify for VA health care if you served in the military and were discharged on any term but dishonorable. You and your family may participate in the HUD-VASH housing program if you also meet one of the following criteria for being homeless:

  • You do not currently have stable or adequate housing.
  • You are in danger of losing stable or adequate housing.
  • You are escaping or trying to escape a domestic violence situation and have no other resources or places to go.

To be eligible for this VA veterans housing assistance program, you must have special needs that make it challenging for you to secure independent housing. Examples include mental illnesses, substance addictions and physical disability. Priority is given to “veterans with the most vulnerability,” according to an official statement from HUD and the VA.

Finally, to be eligible for the HUD veterans program in Virginia, you also must be able to perform daily activities and live independently with assistance from case management and support services. After applying to the HUD VASH housing program, the VA will decide whether you are clinically eligible. Meanwhile, the PHA will determine your eligibility based on whether you meet the HUD criteria and your income.

To be accepted into the HUD for veterans program, you do not have to demonstrate that you have abstained from alcohol for a certain period. However, to take advantage of HUD VASH benefits in VA, you must be willing to participate in case management and follow treatment recommendations and guidance, in addition to landlord rules, which may include seeking employment and abstaining from alcohol or drug use. You may not enroll in veterans housing assistance programs if you are registered as a lifetime sex-offender.

For more specific information about eligibility for HUD VASH, you can download our comprehensive guide today.

What is the HUD VASH program in Virginia?

Once enrolled in the veteran HUD housing program in VA, you will receive rental assistance vouchers that can be used toward permanent housing. At privately owned housing associated with veterans housing assistance programs, beneficiaries may use these vouchers to pay rent, just as participants would in the HUD Section 8 housing program.

While receiving HUD VASH assistance, you must participate in case management services for as long as the VA Medical Center (VAMC) deems it necessary. Case management services may include health care, mental health treatment, substance abuse counseling and other services that promote independent housing stability. To continue to receive vouchers and other HUD VASH benefits in Virginia, you must follow all treatment recommendations and guidelines provided by your case manager and health care professionals.

How to Apply for HUD VASH in Virginia

To begin the HUD VASH application process, you will have to contact your local VA Homeless Program. You have the additional option to contact the HUD-VASH program directly or seek out a referral from another case manager or appropriate source. For detailed information about the Virginia HUD VASH application process, you can download our comprehensive guide, which walks you through each step and provides helpful resources.

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